Climate Change Strikes


Oh it’s been a while… What’s going on in your life? Hope you’re good.

I want to write about something I’m really passionate about and that is the fight against climate change. These fights are in the form of protests all around the world and I just want to say how proud I am of this generation for taking control.

I’m lucky enough that the city I live it has a march every month with about 700 people attending, today’s march consisted of making demands for change straight to politicians. We have to live on this planet forever and in the next 12 year of our lives, the chance of stopping a global catastrophe drop. Younger people and older people must be educated on the affects and causes and what we can do to help global warming.

I’m no genius, but it doesn’t take one to realise this is our generation’s problem, created by older generations who didn’t think about the things they were doing. Children have been left to try and save their own lives and what we’re doing, in my opinion, is amazing.

This has been extremely short and not very detailed butttt I just wanted to say something about it. Thanks for reading

Anna x

2019-so far (it’s alright)


Its literally been about 5 months since I’ve done this-wow. I’ve been so so busy recently that this has been practically the last thing on my mind…

So how’s everyone’s 2019? Mine’s been…eventful. If I said it has been great, then I’d be lying, but if I said it’s been terrible then that would be an even bigger lie. Every year I say (and I’m sure a few of us have) “this is going to be the best year ever” and for me, every year feels the same. But as I look back I realise it’s always better than the previous one. I’ve got a few things planned for this year so I genuinely feel its going to be a good one.

I think to have a good year, you need to be in the mindset for it and be prepared for nothing less. Surround yourself with people who make you happy, and do good things with them. There’s nothing better than a sense of belonging and we all deserve it.

Its February half-term-wooo! This week is a weird one because some of us are sitting at home in bed, doing the square root of nothing, while others are flying of to exotic countries! I’m definitely in the first group- although I’m extremely jealous of the people going on holiday

Thank you for reading! This has been terrible compared to some of my other posts but I need to get back into the rhythm of writing often.


Anna x



So I’ve been home for about 2 weeks now, and it’s been nice just to kinda…chill in my own space (i.e  staying in my loft binge-watching Gossip Girl until 1am).

But since I’ve been staying inside alot (my totally awesome social life is enviable, defo) boredom is never too far away. There’s no school so I have no homework to do, most of my friends are on holiday, leaving me with the inevitable option of listening to albums I’ve already spent hours listening to, and searching Netflix for something decent that I haven’t already watched.

I mentioned to a friend on a group chat that I was bored and she said something that really struck me:

”Boredom is poetic, it’s like mental silence”.

It wasn’t even anything that was too obscure, it just really got to me. I think it was how strangely peaceful it makes it seem.  However, even after than sentimental predicament, I still look at boredom in the same way- b o r i n g.

So I’m asking you now as a way to give me an idea: what do you do when you’re bored? Sing? Dance? People watch? Whatever it is, tell me! Leave a comment (and maybe a like haha) telling me what it is you do!


Thank you so much for reading!

Anna x

Loss on a major/minor scale


So, at the moment, I am on holiday in Mexico, which basically consists of sunburn, swimming, and riding round an island on a golf buggy all day.

But today I was swimming when I lost something, and it was the worst feeling ever. Me and my dad spent what seemed like hours and we finally found it! It seemed like it would be impossible in the massive pool, but My Dad The Super Legend somehow did.

It got me thinking thouguh what would I have done if I had lost it? (If you’re one of my best mates you probably know the answer- cry for days and become a hermit crab but with pillows and duvets instead of a shell)

I suppose we all have something we would cry if we lost. For some people it might be their phone, which some people think is completely shallow but I get it. There’s alot of photos and memories on that thing that would be horrible to lose. For others, it might be a book, or jewellery, or something completely random.

The funny thing is that we’re not upset about losing the physical object, we get more upset because of its meaning. Someome really special might have gave you it, or it might have helped you with something, or it might have gave you some type of feeling of comfort. So basically we’re not afraid of losing the object, we’re afraid of the consequence.

I’m not too sure if everyone has something but I think most people do, so why don’t you tell me? Leave a comment, or text me if you have my number, telling me something/someone you couldn’t bare to lose.

If you got this far, thank you so so much for reading!

Anna x

Who are you and I?


You might be a bit confused by this  title but I think you’ll understand when I explain. So, who are you and I? What are we made of? When I say this I’m not talking about atoms and cells and things like that, I’m talking about what makes us who we are, what makes us different.

The difference you have might be your appearance or your personality or your intelligence. I think all of these things affect how you act; the people I’ve met who are really smart always seem quite alert to me, as if they’re looking for a problem to solve, something to pass the time with. The people who I’ve met who are happy with their appearance and whole being (whether its their  difference they love or their similarities) seem quite loud and confident and aren’t afraid to say what needs to be said.

However, in my experience, pinpointing someone’s personality can be hard as some people are like open books, but some people are like video games (like you know when it says “MUST BE ON LEVEL 9 TO UNLOCK”), you have to focus on them to discover. We all have different personalities but does anyone feel like they’re not showing their real one?

For example, you could just be talking and you’ll say something and its like an internal alarm goes off in your head, you might silently curse yourself and think to yourself “What was that?”. If I ever feel like that I feel weird, the best way to describe it is like as if there’s a massive sheet of plastic inbetween me and other people, I can see them and can communicate, but I can’t show the real me, its more of a mirage. I suppose the age I am does contribute to this, loads of people have said to me “Oh you’re young! You have plenty of time to ‘find yourself’” whatever that means. It might be because of that, or something else but I’m not too sure. What do you think?

I know some other people who feel like that, some of them randomly do and some because of a result of something, but does anyone else do or am I a bit mad? This was a bit heavy, but I do feel like it might happen to some people.

If you got this far, thank you for reading! A comment and a like would be greatly appreciated…


Anna x



Am I the only one who loves the *vibe* of airports? Like you can practically feel the anticipation streaming of off people.

For most people, airports means sea, sun, and sipping cocktails on the beach. For others, it can mean business trips or places you don’t really want to go. Whatever the reason is, you always end up travelling.

I kinda feel like humans were born to travel. It is, of course, how most of history was formed. I absolutely looveee travelling, new experiences and exploring are literally my favourite thing. What about you?

I usually only go abroad about once a year, which I still think is an amazing privilege if you think about what travelling was like 40+ years ago.

One of the places I’ve been the most is Spain but I love it. The food is amazinggg and the sun is always out during the summer. I’m going to Mexico in August (which you’ve probably heard about if I know you irl) and I cannot wait. Whats Mexico like (if you’ve ever been)?

What are your thoughts on travelling? Where is  your favourite place to go?


Thank you for reading if you got this far!

-Anna x

The Day One Of My Friends Was As Tall As Me


You’re probably thinking “ppfftt what kinda title is that??”. I get where you’re coming from though, because it is a bit strange, but it’ll make sense if you read on… (ooo how ominous)

The day that one of my friends was as tall as me was…different. I’ve always been the tall one out off all my friends. But one day recently that all changed. I was walking with my friend when I realised I could look straight and be met with her eyes. It struck me how much we’d grown.

We’d practically grew up together, every birthday party we had, the other would be there. Every crush, every argument, every change would happen with the other knowing exactly what was going on. But when I looked at her, I could tell that maybe we’d grow more together, or maybe we wouldn’t, that I was unsure. But what’s life without a little questioning?

We’ve drifted apart recently, going out less and talking less all together, but every time we meet again, its like nothing has changed. We immediately jump back into conversation as if no time has passed at all.

Those types of friends are the ones you need, the consistent ones.

Thank you for reading if you got this far!

Anna x

What Do You Do When You’re Upset?


Sorry I left this so long! And sorry that my posts have been a bit depressing recently so I’m definitely going to do a positive one next.

So what do you do when your upset? Everyone is different and reacts to things different, therefore different strategies work for different people. I’ve always wondered about this, so I decided to ask some of my friends (thanks if you answered!).

Talk To People

Lots of people said this, so I think it may be just human nature to do.

There’s nothing better than having a friend you can talk too. This friend may be your family, schoolmate, or someone you have known for years. A secondhand opinion can make somethings seem 10x clearer than they did before. I severely recommend finding your person that you can rant to and also try to be that person!

Finding Something to Distract Yourself

Some people like to sit and go over everything that happened, others prefer to do the opposite and try to forget about it. (I do a bit off both)

Listening to music seems like a very prominent way to deal with things. Finding a song to perfectly mirror your feelings is great. I just focus solely on the music and the lyrics (anyone else do that). Sometimes I can take distracting myself to another level, like covering every last bit of wall paper in my room with photos and drawings and whatever I can find.


I like to think of this method as trying to escape what happened by doing something else. I suppose it is apart of distraction but I felt like it could do with its own little part.

This could be apart of everything but I think mainly socialising is one of the main parts of escaping. Emerging yourself in nature is something people do as well. I suppose it can make you feel grounded when you see, smell, touch and hear the many parts of the Great Outdoors.

I think people also try to escape themselves: giving themselves a make-over or trying out a new personality that makes you different from how you were before.

Whatever you do to help you get through something, I hope it carries on working for you 💗

Thank you so so sooo much for reading

Anna xx

Music Tastes

Hey again!

Am I the only one who thinks music can completely change your mood? I feel like it has almost a superpower. I have quite a varied music taste, so this blog post might be a tiny bit of a mess. I’m always looking for new music, so if you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them.

Basically, I’m going to tell you all about the music I like. Anyone who has known me for long than a year knows that it has drastically changed…

My Favourite Artists

The 1975

I just love them. Their songs are amazing and they have one to match every mood you have. Their first album is honestly my favourite album ever. It’s a mix of everything that will make you feel almost… super aware of your surroundings. (At least, that’s how it makes me feel). Heart Out and Settle Down are my two favourites of the first album, and Loving Someone and This Must be my Dream are my favourites off of their second album.

Declan McKenna

What. A. Cutie. His music is insanely good and I love everything off of his album. Paracetamol and Isombard are my favourites, and I thoroughly recommend you listen to them. I am going to see him live in April and I cannot wait.

Rat Boy

I wouldn’t have listened to his music if it wasn’t for one of my friends, so thanks Cora 😂. I just really love the album. It just makes me want to start dancing anytime I hear it. There’s no way I can describe his music apart from “rock-but-not-rock with-a-bit-of-rap-thrown-in-there-and-a-lot-of-guitar-and-drums”. 

Taylor Swift 

Just so you know, I am not a hardcore Swiftie but Reputation may be one of my favourite albums. She came back last year with a bang: bass, rap, romance, amazing lyrics, and a few cute songs are all you could ask for in a album. Love it.

5 Seconds Of Summer
This band has officially ruined my life. Where. Is. The. Third. Album. I’ve been a fan (more like a superfan if I’m honest) for like 3 years now and I think I can safely say I know all the words to all of their songs. Amazing music and the cutest boys you have ever seennn. Anyone else share my obsession?
Oh and btw I’m obsessed with 80s music.
This hasn’t been as mad as I thought it would be, but this post is only the beginning of my favourite music, I could write a novel on it. Does anyone else like the same artists I do?

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post!

Anna xx

Self-Harm and Mental Illness

Hey again!

This post is going to be one that’s more serious.

Someone I know has recently confessed to me that they self-harm. That is what has inspired me to make this post. No I am not going to mention any names, and I’m definitely not going to tell you who they are if you know them.

Mental Health is extremely important to me as you may be able to tell, as I have mentioned it before. Depression affects around 350 million people (according to WHO as of 2015) and is a horrible thing. The way it is romantized in the media I think is horrific. I have not suffered from depression or any mental health issues so I can’t tell you what is good or what is bad, but I can tell you that mental health issues are not a competition. Unhappiness is unhappiness, it doesn’t matter why it has appeared. Having a less severe reason doesn’t mean your reason isn’t creditable.

If you do suffer from mental health issues, please get some help. It doesn’t matter who from, whether you know them or not isn’t important. The thing that is important is you improving. You may not have the energy to do so, or you may think there is no point, so that’s why I am asking the friends and family of people to help them. The main part of this post has been about depression but I know there is many different types of mental illnesses that present themselves in many different ways so that’s why I think us non-familiar people should do everything they can to educate themselves about mental heath issues

All these phone numbers are for the UK 

Anxiety UK

Charity providing support if you’ve been diagnosed with an anxiety condition. Phone: 08444 775 774 (Mon-Fri, 9.30am-5.30pm) Website:


Promotes the views and needs of people with mental health problems. Phone: 0300 123 3393 (Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm) Website:


Young suicide prevention society. Phone: HOPElineUK 0800 068 4141 (Mon-Fri,10am-5pm & 7-10pm. Weekends 2-5pm) Website:

Rethink Mental Illness

Support and advice for people living with mental illness. Phone: 0300 5000 927 (Mon-Fri, 9.30am-4pm) Website:

For more click Here
Thanks for reading!

Anna xx